Sunday, May 29, 2016

It's The Small Things

I received this as a gift... what were they trying to say? it's very fitting at the moment. I love this cup and I love coffee too. My ex-coworker and now "boss" (she says I am my own boss) gave me this as a teacher appreciation day gift even though I am no longer in that field she still gave me this pretty cup and a bracelet with a charm that her daughter (who I nanny sometimes) picked out.

I miss going into the preschool setting every morning... I miss the giggles and smiles, the silliness, appreciation and the love that teaching in the preschool setting as a teacher assistant brought to me. I honestly miss the excuse to play with play dough, and sit down and play with puzzles ... I miss teaching little minds. The person that gifted me these gifts help me get an interview at the school she works at and I received an offer after my interview went well...and I did not take it... got called again to see if I changed my mind and I rejected the opportunity. So my co-worker/boss wanted me to take it and get back to teaching -honestly I would say that was the starting of my midlife crises but I have been saying that since I was in my twenties. 

I enjoy being a nanny and I will  be doing this at least until I graduate(when I finish my math courses) and move... maybe longer It's what I love to do. Despite at what goes on in my life ... I am good at it.

Very thoughtful gift <3

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