Sunday, May 22, 2016

Self- Injury Scars

Warning: trigger warning
I doubt anyone is going to read this post... but if you do happen to stumble upon my blog I am sorry, and please do not follow my example I do not encourage or support in any way self- injuring. Please find other ways of dealing with your feelings other than self- harming there is a link below that might help you find another way to help release feelings and thoughts in a more positive and loving way.

My left wrist and my right wrist. They no longer look raw and are healed just scarred now. After I hurt my self my husband noticed after two days that I had injured them because he felt the band-aid at night time and he saw my other arm an kept insisting in knowing what had happened. Unfortunately he is not new to this... but said that I had done it because I was not

following the plan that we set up together. I disagree, but I am not a Dr. neither is he. I have stop doing it at the moment.  It's not my first time involved in self- injury... I have always done it for short periods of time. I always regret it as well. I know that doing harm to my self like self-injury only helps me feel better for a very short period of time. Once it's done is done. It hurts, it looks unattractive and I run the risk of getting it infected. I had to hide them with band aids since I am not wearing long sleeves. I have been wearing band aids and bracelets over them. I stop wearing band aids now that they are healed I only wear bracelets over them or try to be very careful. I had to go to an interview with band aids on! how embarrassing is that but they did not see them. I keep putting on all sorts of things on them(lotions, vitamin E oil, Aloe) unrealistically that the next day they will be gone. Right. They are fading slowly but my left arm looks pretty dark. I am hoping they are gone by the time my nephews come over for the Fourth of July or I would be wearing band-aids.

This blog provides ideas you can do instead of self-harming  I like the ideas of drawing on my arm, thinking about not wanting scars in the summer, snapping a rubber band on your hand, meditating, writing a "I love myself letter" and reading it when your down, going for a long drive, jog or run, write your memoirs, stretching, shopping sounds nice too!, mood journal and write down your triggers. I think the best way to help yourself is to get help from someone else a friend, a psychologist, a mentor, etc

I like writing when I was younger I used to have diaries, when I was in high school I wrote poetry and poetry was dark but it helped me tremendously since it is hard for me to speak about what I am feeling or going through and easier to just write it out... (I should tell that to my future shrink), and now I like blogging even though I start a blog and never continue I think I will keep doing this so far it has helped me deal with what has been going on lately.

If you or someone you know is in need help, please call 1-800-273-8255 for theNational Suicide Prevention Lifeline. If you are outside of the U.S., please visit theInternational Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of international resources.

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