Sunday, May 29, 2016

Shopping Cheaper Than Therapy BINGE

My new coloring book came in and so did my order of new lighters! I love the sugar skull look! 

I heard coloring is great for a stress relief and is also an activity you can do to distract your mind and keep you busy. I have always LOVED art it's one of those things I used to do along with poetry when I was dealing with a lot of problems back in high school in order to escape and be in my own little world. Well I had stop doing both of those things years ago so I am thinking of using this coloring book to get into art again.

Shopping without money makes me happy at the moment... (rude awakening coming soon)- I know it's a self-destructive behavior. Might be a problem but compare to other things it's a light issue... I will post another post once I receive the jewelry I just ordered yesterday! :D lol

Goes well with this sugar skull pipe pouch made to fit my pipe :) that I recently got on Etsy.

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