Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Coloring Time/ DRC update*

Coloring my stress away lalala...la. I am enjoying this... does this qualify as a new hobby?

So far I skipped the gym today, but I will go walking tonight so it is all good. Seems like a good day so far I haven't done much other than go to Trader Joe's where I saw my boss and I panicked a little, but I think the fact that I spotted him first makes a difference than if they were to spot me first :D haha does that make sense? Then I waved and flashed my cheesy smile and he said hi and I asked if his wife was there which she was not then I ran to get a bag of chips and ran back to the check out line where I left my husband and our grocery cart.

DRC  *update*

I scanned and email the diagnosis report that the Psychologist at school gave me to the Disability Center at school and they said it's "under review" I am hoping this time they accept it and not give me more of a hard time this time around. Not sure if I can take it if they reject it and not accommodate me... then again not sure it matters if they do or not... if they reject it I hope they do not make me waste my time because I am not interested in sitting down with them again if that is the case. If they do accommodate me it's not the sort of accommodations I was seeking I wanted something more tailored for a math disability either way they are setting me up for failure- just my opinion which seems not to matter. I know sounds negative, but I know what I am capable of regarding math they do not. They have no idea what I have gone through and disregarded all my information that was in my initial report. -I honestly feel like I will not be graduating because I can't complete my two math courses. 

We will see when they call me with more information. - blah it's making me sick thinking about it.

Back to my coloring :)

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