Friday, June 3, 2016

Shopping Binge part 2

My beautiful cuff bracelets are here! the picture I took does not make them justice. The top bracelet reads "How beautiful life is when you are in the world." I custom made that one because I found the quote online when I felt the lowest. Reading the posts from May about how I felt in April; you can tell I was not in a good place indeed I was in a dark place. It became scary to me and my husband when I felt like there was nothing to get up for;that I did not care to get better and so on. To be honest I bought the bracelets to help me distract people from my scars on my arms which is not that many, but still visible. I also love that the bracelets can help me be more positive, motivated and in this case with this particular cuff that that life is beautiful when I am in it.... meaning alive.

The second bracelet was not custom, but I love Bob Marley. I listened to his music a lot when I lived in Reno (when I was the happiest), it reads "You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice" this is perfect speaks to me in many volumes. Although I purchase these during my shopping feel better binge; I am so happy I did! 

I ordered more too can't wait to receive them. 

got them here wishing willow metal

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