Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Insomniac Problems

It's 3:06 am!! I am still awake... I am suppose to wake up early to go walk tomorrow morning before the sun comes out... yet I am still wide awake. Good thing I do not work tomorrow, because there would be no way I will wake up before 5. This happens a lot I even went down to bed at 9 something to wind down and I could not so I had to get up and now I am in the computer blogging about it :D 

I did smoke a bowl finally and guess what I felt good too. I am not addicted to it because I think I would have gone through some type of withdrawal and there was like no "urgent need" to smoke it, but now that I did it felt really good. I did notice something I think when I smoke it in the day I am fine I have not noticed like a surge of energy or anything... well maybe but I have not observed it on my self... there is like a focus but not a surge. I did notice that when I smoke it late at night it keeps me awake with enough stamina to keep me up to the sun comes out the next day. I remember after when I first started smoking it to get out of my severe depression mode in April that my focus, attention span, and energy went up and that was the ONLY way I finished my capstone project which was months of "suppose"works within days. I did two over nighters by smoking it and was able to finish the project and received an A and this is after I told the professor that I might flunk the class and take it next semester because I was having trouble concentrating. I would need to do some more scientific research on myself to see if my hypothesis is right... lol

I remember when I was in high school and there was a time period where I would be awake almost all night ... I could not sleep so I would watch tv at night ...I would remember watching like N.A.S.H reruns after days of not sleeping I felt delirious laughing and laughing at things that were not so funny to me before ...  I felt it was the lack of sleep; or so I think it was.

I can't sleep!

one sheep, two sheep, three sheep

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