Monday, June 13, 2016

Just Stuff

I had a good day yesterday and even though the day is not over I seem to be having a good day today too! that would be two days without having some type of breakdown/meltdown Hopefully I just not jinx myself by getting ahead of myself. This week on Wed. I have the DRC intake appointment which has me a little worried. Thursday and Friday I go in to nanny the new little boy I will start twice a week for two weeks and then eventually It will be four days a week. I have no worries about that... well I think waking up early part I been trying to get down this week and the earliest I been able to get up is 7:30. I would need to be there at 7:00 am I might have to wake up around 5am? I would have to get my body and mind to go to sleep at least by 10:00 pm. 

The Music for the blog
The songs I choose to be played while viewing the blog are not the happiest or Zen like as they should be, but I choose them for a reason. Some I can relate too and others they make me zone out, think, and go into deep thought. In order for me to be raw as I can be while writing I like to have the blog open where I can play the music I have on the blog and I open another window just to write my posts. Even though the music might trigger me in some way or make me sad I still listen to it because it helps me write and be open about my thoughts.
Shopping Binges Under Control 
I have been able to control my shopping binges :) so that's a start right? I am starting to save some spending money for July. My sister, her husband and my nephews come down for the Fourth of July every year. They actually come here to Las Vegas often, I fly once a year for Christmas- New Years and spend the holidays with my family in California where they all live. My sister wanted to come like a month or two ago and I told her no. I did not want them to be with a depressed person. She has the get over it attitude and she would not understand. I been feeling better and I am happy they will come spend time here for the Fourth. 

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