Friday, June 24, 2016

Nanny Life #1

(one of my best part of my day- play dough time!)

Today I was invited for lunch from one of the families I date nanny at Shake Shack.  I thought it was regular lunch catch up which it was then a important question came up. I was asked if anything happened to them (the parents) who are an older couple if I would be willing to co-parent their child. Even though I did not show it I was floored... although they think of me as family I still was surprised that they would ask me. I said "I would be happy too! it's an honor." Their son is adopted, and recently they found out he has some special needs which is okay :) he is a very special little boy! so they want to make sure that if something happens to them that I would be able to step up along with her brother and co-parent?(not sure how that would work) to make sure that their son's needs are met whether he is a child or an adult. It makes me feel really special that they have asked me to be a co-parent if something were to happen to them. I always plan to stay in the lives of the children I nanny for regardless, but this was something else :)   

I was also put in my sister and brother in laws documents for savings etc to go towards me because if something happened to my sister and her husband that I would take responsibility of the boys if they are under age or still needed care. I had forgotten all about that actually I never think about others not being here... the boys mean everything to me... even though they live in Cali I see them often and I also skype and talk on the phone with them constantly. 

Just this past weekend I been in touch with a family I first nannied for when I first starting nannying in Las Vegas and one of their girls was still in diapers. They moved from Las Vegas to two other states, now they are back and they have asked for me to nanny their girls again. 

The little boy I just started nannying is such a ham :)  he 19 months I think and I am his third nanny. When I interviewed they said they will let go one of their nannies and they did. My trail two weeks went really well and they said that they are really happy with me :), they like how attentive I am, How I clean up before I leave, etc so now they are letting go of their other nanny for I can have the four days all to myself. Typically I think I would feel bad -since I feel guilty about everything about their other nannies needing a job, but I don't ... is that bad? When I interviewed I asked about his current or past nannies and they did not have much good things to say ... that kinda throws me off as a nanny I take pride working with children and to me their safety, happiness, health, and everything else is top priority. I always take care of them like they were my own- I don't have children but I am assuming I have that maternal side and maybe that's were it comes from or I like to think. Plus I am very confident hopefully not cocky lol about my childcare skills. It's the only thing I am good at that and also watching dogs... yes I am an animal nanny too :D

I had a "babysitter" she did not watch us much, but my sister and I hated going. We did nothing but sit in front of a television and watch Mexican soap Oprah. Sometimes we played with her sons toy cars and we would watch him destroy the wheels on them and she would tell our mother that we would destroy her sons cars... how would she know if she was watching tv all day? her house smelled like fried food; I still have that smell stuck in my head and every time I smell it I remember her house. Her husband would come from work and he wanted us gone... he would constantly check the window to see if our parents were coming it was super annoying because we would only be there when my mom needed to run errands. He reminded me of those men who are the type that come home and their women are all theirs and wants the attention for himself type of man do this and that-because your a woman the type. I felt intimidated by him even at that age...

It makes me feel good to feel needed, loved, and appreciated- when I am feeling down maybe I should start thinking about the children and my nephews I care about even if they are not mines. This is what I should have been thinking about in April when I felt like I had nothing to get out of bed for. 
I do have something to look forward too. 

Not sure though if it's good that it takes good stuff happening to me in order for me to feel worthy... you know? like why can't it come just from me? from within me? not sure if I am making sense in the moment -hard to explain. 

I been feeling really good so that a plus :) I think work just makes me happy the less I work the more chances I get depressed... so the more work the merrier. 

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