Saturday, June 4, 2016

Past Nightmares

I have not had a nightmare in so long... well even if I did I would not remember. The last one I had was last year where I woke up frantically crying, but I could not remember anything from my nightmare. I used to mysteriously wake up with a bunch of scratches all over my face and neck which I jokingly blame it on my husband...

When I was little I had the same damn nightmares almost everyday till I was a teenager about maybe 17. They were always so scary to me too... I wonder if that has anything to do with me being scared of the dark. I hated going to bed and sleep because I was scared of my nightmares. I had one in particular of masked men that would break into our house and in our bedroom and I would wake up (in the dream) and scream but nothing came out of my mouth and no one heard me. No one. That type of dream was a daily occurrence for years. When I was even younger I had one where I would be falling off a ledge that led to concrete stairways and I was terrified because I was hanging from the ledge and no one (again) no one was there to help me; I also had that nightmare repeatedly. Today I am afraid of the dark, heights, (among other things) and I am extremely clumsy on stairs. What I mean by clumsy is I always fall from stairs-no joke.

Then I had those nightmares and thought they were real. Like the time I asked my classmates that I had known since kinder and we were like in the third grade... I asked them if they remembered the man that came with a big sack and try to kidnap us while we were at recess. All of them looked at me with the weirdest looks... then I realized I had probably had a nightmare but I had sat on this thought for so long and I really thought it had happened because I remembered it with so much detailed. 
I am fine with not having dreams or nightmares it would be the last thing I need. 

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