Friday, June 10, 2016


Having a good day so far compared to yesterday... got up early made coffee, smoked a bowl, breakfast, listened to this girl sing she is amazing! made me smile :D

Finally called the DRC office back; I had to control my breathing before calling because I was anxious. She gave me an appointment for Wed. and they only had morning appointment and she reluctantly gave me an intake appointment at 3pm what do they do with those students who cannot come in into the late afternoon? this school is annoying. After I called my anxiety seemed to have disappeared so that's good. Went to Target to buy stuff we needed and I am about to have a second cup of coffee and late tonight I do a date night nannying with little Z. This upcoming week I start to work at my new nannying position so that's exciting. As long as I have more things to preoccupy me the better I will feel. I know so.

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