Monday, June 6, 2016


Went to the gym again I swear they are trying to give me a heat stroke. It is hot in there, but that's good because it makes me sweat. The other day I saw a man jogging in 106 weather... I can't believe people here in Las Vegas do that... I am not used to the heat yet and I have been living here for four years; how long have they been here to get used to that temp and go jogging?

So while at the gym I really wanted to get up and say something when a group of women (I would have gotten beat up by like five of them) came in and were really obnoxious. I am not one for fights, say bad words, names at people, bully others... but it doesn't mean I never want to go knock people down or say things I just keep it in my mind because I do not express it;I'm not a violent person... except when I tell my husband I will punch him and threaten his balls.

I am starting to workout at the gym more often, it's an awesome way to release stress, and also It helps me feel good about myself. My husband and I are still walking. I am watching my diet but I have noticed that I am getting obsessed with weighting my self and when I do not see results I beat myself up. I might have to stop doing that and do it once a week or so instead of a daily occurrence.

mmm I am cooking  Cilantro Lime Chicken and just the smell coming from the oven is making me happy :D

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