Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Yard Work -Therapy

Been keeping myself busy with yard work, just in time since it's bug season and we need to make sure everything is trim and weed free. Did I mentioned how therapeutic cleaning the yard is using the saw, raking and pulling weeds is? ( just like shoveling snow in Reno) I been doing it for two days. First I did the front of the house and my husband helped me, but I made sure I used the saw :) haha I should be more careful with it though one day I might accidentally cut my hand off. Today I did the backyard all by myself I feel so proud. I feel great no anxiety, or meltdowns just a little bit of memories but not worried about that right now. Three days now. I still decided to smoke my blend, to me it's become my routine and I consider it my medicine; so far I still have no plans stopping.

Link ---> Yard Work Therapy

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