Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday at Mt. Charleston

One of the few places I like here in Las Vegas is Mt. Charleston because it reminds me of my previous home of Reno,Tahoe and Truckee. I miss living in Reno because of the trees, hikes, snow etc and going up here to Mt. Charleston makes me forget that I live in Las Vegas-which I hate. Today my husband and I drove up there which is like 30 minutes away from our home and it was very relaxing to be with nature. I miss hiking and we should try to do it more often ... it was like 20 degrees less up there than down here can you believe that? Here are some video's and pictures of today's adventure. 

It's super windy; I suggest you mute first video

There are picnic tables here so it's perfect to bring my parents when they come down to Las Vegas.

                                         Construction area? since when does that stop us? oops

Pictures and video taken with iphone5

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