Saturday, July 30, 2016

Busy Bee, College and Pet Updates

Busy Bees

It's been a very long, busy, and productive week! Work has been going well with watching "K". This week my husband helped me pet/house sit -3 dogs, and 3 cats to be exact ... since I work early in the morning he did morning shift, and I did afternoon and we both did evening shift because we were also painting "Z" bedroom. That is the last time we ever commit to painting a child's room! three colors to be exact. Upper color was grey, trim was red, and the bottom was blue...some sports team color that she had picked; it turned out nice but too much work, pressure to get things done correctly, and responsibility... I rather take care of kids than paint :D

Don't look at how we painted the ceiling...
I been extremely tired the end of the day, but this week has been awesome with staying super busy. Even though I still have that chatter with memories in my mind it was less this week and my depression has improved. I been depressed for like three weeks maybe more maybe less I don't know anymore seems like I been depressed all the time on and off for the past year. I felt better this couple of days and I am thankful for that, but I wonder how long that will last till the next bout. It is what it is I guess.

We have not been walking since we have been very busy this week... although I have not needed it for my mental health sake I do miss walking. Hopefully we continue it tomorrow since we are finished painting and animal sitting.

Pet Update

One of my Fire Belly Toads died this week ... last week one of my fishes died... what the hell? I am down to two frogs and two fish... I still have my snail even though it has almost died a few times because he has gotten out of the tank a few times and he was lucky I have found him. Cesar cat still alive , but shes getting older and older. I keep asking asking for another guinean pig mines - Daisy Mae died last year and since I lost my dog this May I feel like I need something cuddly to hold, but my husband says no... if I was like I was before I would not care and just buy one anyways; haha but I think I finally grew out of that stage... somewhat 

College, DRC and CAPS

Fall semester will be starting soon... I am debating if I should keep the Autism class for mental health or not. It's not required for me to take it, but I am taking it just in case I need to see the Psychologist this upcoming semester. I am afraid since I am trying to pass math that it will be a mistake to have that class if not needed. The DRC (Disability Resource Center) told me they can make an exemption at the CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) if I have seen them before and I am registered with the disability center. I understand that, but "what if" I get rejected for not having those six credits required to receive services at the CAPS office? I also would like to fix my GPA since I fucked it up, but what good would that do if I flunk my math course again? If I know I am going to fail I hoping to bail this time to avoid an F in math and hopefully still have a class left and not ruin the whole semester. I am over this.

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