Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Will Blow Your Head Off

Yesterday my husband and I made a quick grocery run by ourselves and it was a nightmare to say the least. I was happy all weekend and he goes and ruins it with an insensitive comment like always. He went on and said something about my sister and her family that angered me... it was just one word. With that one word I went from happy to stressed then to angry in matter of minutes to full blown hyperventilating and crying. It was so bad my husband had to drive around our block three times before coming home. I was mad at him and I yelled, I insulted his family too, but only because that same word he used against MY family can also apply to his by 10x. My husband is my family just because we are married... I still said "what did you think was going to happen when you insult my family? you know I am protective of my family if you insult my family I will blow your head off" ( When I said "blow your head off"- I meant with insults and words not literally)... I might be shy and quiet and I don't normally fight people(except for my husband) BUT insulting my family or doing something to them will cause me to act.  I had managed to blow on my tears, had enough wind to dry the tears on my face and as soon as I opened the door my fake smile had return. No one noticed a thing... and here I thought I was failing at faking it now, but at the last minute it all worked out.

I doubt my sister would have acted the same way if her husband said the same... but that's how I am ... I am very protective of my family... even my husband even though I think and call him a "jerk" he is not just super insensitive sometimes. That has to be a man thing??

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