Friday, July 1, 2016

Just an update

Been doing well lately with my anxiety and such... the mental stuff is good. I have been feeling out of sorts health wise- physically. I been having cramps and muscle spasms for almost three weeks now legs, my hands, and my toes :( it's not the first time it happens but it is the first time it has lasted this long. I do not know if it's because I have a mineral in balance... too much or too little, dehydrated, or exertion; I know with anxiety I get shaky(something new for me) but I don't think this has anything to do with it. Hopefully It goes away soon, because I am not going to the doctors.. . I was just telling my husband that we need health insurance we have been without it since my husband lost his job, but even when we do have it we never go unless we think were dying. I am worse than my husband is in that department, because he has asthma and he used to go when he needed but I never go I have to be begged, pushed, and dragged- I hate doctors.

Work has been great although I will have like ten days off and that worries me a little. When I get bored, not have enough to do, work to keep me busy and stressed I tend to get depressed and since this year and last my depression has worsen it's something I would have to watch for.

In another hand my sister and her family are staying with us for a few days :) my nephews make me happy even though they are a wild twosome. They love Las Vegas for some reason so they come often which is great for me. They could have been here in May, but since I was still in my depression funk I did not want them to come stay with us; that was the first time I have done that turn my family away from a visit I did the same to my mother this year. I'm good now and I am enjoying their company. Im currently nannying them and just put them to bed after reading a book and watching a movie while their parents are out and about in over rated sin city.

So at my new nannying job they told me that once in a while they would like for me to iron some his collar shirts that he wears to work... I freaked out a little inside when they told me this and do some vacuuming once a week, but the baby care comes first. Well one I never iron for my husband ... he does not wear those types of shirts and for his normal clothing he can care less if he has a bunch of wrinkles :) and second my clothes I iron is once in a while but its just normal clothing... so you can imagine how that went I might have to youtube it a dozen times hopefully next time it will not be as bad.

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