Sunday, July 10, 2016

Staying ZEN

I have like two weeks off where I am not working my typical shift. Still working here and there but it's not really my routine. Since I typically get depressed, stress and what not when I do not work I decided to do my own self- care routine to help me stay sane... I mean zen.


I have this yoga deck that I purchased years ago that I typically use only when I have major back problems. This year I took it out back in April when I felt I hit rock bottom and I never did any of it. BUT now I am thinking I should have. I been doing it everyday now for a few days and I am loving it. It is for beginners to expert level. I love doing it everyday because it makes me relax, helps me with my focus and keeping me grounded, helps me with my breathing, and I love that each card has a positive mantra. Like one of the card reads "I am vulnerable, I am strong. I can be vulnerable because I am strong." That saying helps me since I do fear feeling vulnerable and hopefully saying it often will help me believe it. If you would like to purchase this deck press here Miller Yoga Deck.

 I ordered this Coloring Book  on one of my shopping binges that I had when I was depressed and did not do much on it until my sister and her husband came with their own coloring books and they would sit down everyday to color. I found it a little amusing because I am the artistic one and my sister is not the coloring type... she did buy hers after I told her about coloring your stress away and after I had bought mine. Did I start a trend in the family?- a hobby? So this weeks I been coloring and I love how I get into it and how it keep me distracted away from the memories I been having. Keeps me more occupied away from social media and my obsession with youtube.

Blogging and Journaling

I had this journal in my room with empty pages that had not been filled out for years. It says "Enjoy the Little Things" on the cover. I decided to starts writing quotes and positive sayings that I find and write it down to read when needed. I love positive quotes and it has plenty of pages to use it for a year or two and fill it completely. It will be beneficial and fun to read them all.

I also think writing in a journal/diary can help deal with sadness, frustration, depression or whatever is in your mind that needs to be expressed. I typically do not talk to others about my issues until I explode and it does not look pretty. One way I am avoiding exploding and hurting myself even more is by expressing my feelings in a blog. I started this blog in May right after I hit rock bottom. I have learned so much about myself by writing and it has helped so much. Hopefully I can come back to my blog when I am feeling better one day and see how far I have come.


I am back to walking after being ill the last few weeks. Any kind of exercise is great for your mental health, but doing exercise in the outdoors is even better for you. I enjoy walking with my husband because you breathe air and your not cooped up in my house or bed room. Even when I do not feel like going out to walk we make my self go. It's good for the change of scenery and depending on where you choose to walk you can find your self among nature. I will be going back to the gym when I fully recover at least twice a week since I will be back at work.


When I hit rock bottom and my depression was at the worst I downloaded a free app called Breathe it really calmed me and guided me through breathing exercises and the meditations. Besides that it does have a soothing voice to it and I need that sometimes. You do not need an app to meditate and you can do it anywhere and anyone can do it... also I have the app on my iphone but I can acess it on my computer which might come in handy when I am stressing out when I start next smester. Also you don't have to be affiliated with any religion to be able to meditate. I will start meditating again tonight. Here is a great article on the benefits of meditating


I have not read a good book in a very long time. It was one of my favorite hobbies once; but I been very lazy when it comes to reading outside of school reading materials. I have two books dying to read and maybe this is the week. My two books are "Open Heart, Clear Mind: An Introduction to Buddha's Teaching" and "No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering", one that is on my Amazon list that a lot of the people I follow on Instagram are reading and like is "Reason's to Stay Alive" and this one is also on my list and has to do with what hopefully I will be doing in the future is "Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 58 Professionals Tell Real- Life Stories from Social Work Practice"

Chamomile Tea

I am not much of a tea drinker, but something I just bought is this Organic Chamomile tea. I love the Traditional Medicinals tea brands because they have a tea for everything! and it's very good quality tea. Chamomile Tea helps with promoting relaxation and help with digestion and adding a spoon of honey also enhances it.


I love products from bath and body works that are especially for stress and helps for sleep as well. My husband has asthma so I cannot really use smelly products like candles and lotions but I love to use their bath shower gels for stress relief.

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