Sunday, August 21, 2016

Red Rock Ice Box Trail

Yesterday was not a good day for me... was not in a good place, so last night I told my husband we need to go hiking tomorrow. Our yearly pass to Red Rock expired so we renewed it. We started hiking when we were dating it was our hobby when we lived in California. When we moved to Reno it got way better and we would go often. Since we have moved to Las Vegas it just has not been the same... but it still has nice locations were we can hike. One of them being Red Rock Canyon, since the weather is suppose to start cooling down soon we decided we need to try to go every weekend and do some hiking whether it's Red Rock or somewhere else... we are not in the best shape so we would have to start with the "easy" ones. Although Ice Box is not an easy hike we still attempt it maybe when we are more fit we can finish it.

Turn off volume on this last video

Images and videos taken with iphone 5

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