Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September Update

I am so glad it's September :) love the leaves changing colors, the temperature changing, wearing scarfs, and pumpkin spice latte!. One of my favorite seasons along with winter. My math course started and I have already had a night were I cried over getting frustrated with math homework. I just hope this time I pass this class I am not sure what I would do. I already feel hopeless about the whole school situation especially due to math that getting another bad grade will just be the end of me... I probably end up losing it and end up in the hospital or something. I am trying my best but in this case it's not enough... that has always been the case with math... but no one understands that.

I been doing good for a couple of days... after my episode last week or so about my dog I decided to fill out a mood diary. Click here for Mood Diary Worksheet It is helping me focus on why my mood changes, triggers and its a cool little graph. I never filled out the intrusion diary worksheet because I felt overwhelmed with it since I was having to many memories and I did not know where to start and it was just an all day thing...maybe now they have died down for a bit I can start to focus on that. I also have the anxiety attack worksheet and so far I only have the Nocturnal Panic Attack from June entry so that's good.

In the work front everything is going good... started picking up T from school again on Monday nights only, taking her home, making sure she eats and does her homework while her mom comes out of class and drives through rush hour.

I am almost done with my Buddhist shrine! I am so happy about it too :) never been excited about anything to do with religions or practises I really do thing Buddhism can really help me change my life.  -hopefull

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