Saturday, October 29, 2016

I Voted!

I really dislike talking about my political views on Facebook like everyone else does, I hate to see arguments and talking about it in general. One of my bosses last year asked me what party I was and then it started opening up one sided conversations... even though I told her I do not talk about voting she still kept bringing it up. So far this year she has not talk to me about it because I just smile at her and not contribute to the conversation.

I decided to go vote EARLY for the first time! I was annoyed by the voting text messages and calls I been receiving and frankly thinking about the elections made me bitter and annoyed so I just decided to get it done early and I am glad I did! I was happy it was done and I am glad I even voted despite of what I had said earlier about not wanting to vote this time.

What a cute sticker... I like living in Vegas for once haha

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