Saturday, October 15, 2016

Math update for Oct

I have not had the need and urge to write my emotions out so that is a good thing right? I took my midterm math exam I received a high C it's not exactly  the grade I wanted BUT I will take it and run with it! Last time I took my math course I failed the midterm so I will take the C. The reason I think I am doing well is the fact that we have quizzes every other week which helps me with needing to know the material in smaller chunks, she gives us a second chance to take the quizzes and they are not timed. The exams I take at home can be taken once, are timed, but because I am using the services of the DRC (Disability Resource Center) I get extended time. The good thing about online courses is you can use your notes, but I think they make the course harder because of it. I have three proctored exams that I need to ho to campus to take. These are the exams I worry about since I can't use notes and I can't remember the steps I need to get a answer, and the first exam I took I was shaking, it took me a while to use my breathing techniques to stop shaking and never got fully comfortable. I did like that it is only me in the room taking the test it really helped. What stinks is that I work and I have to rush to school to take the exam which is on Fridays (that's the days she wants us to take it) and the DRC closes at 5 on Fridays that means I do not get the full extended time. So far I been getting really high scores for the quizzes and exams taken at home I am very excited at the possibility of passing this course! I dropped the other course I was thinking of getting because I did not need it and to me passing the math course is my top priority right now. Having just the math course has helped me focus more on homework and study time.

If all goes well I will have one course left needed to graduate (math course) which of course I am getting anxiety already about next Semester. The professor I have now does not teach the math I need to take next semester and not all teachers do weekly quizzes or test they just based your grade mostly on two exams which is a big concern to me.

When the DRC refuse to take my Dyscalculia (math disorder) diagnosis they gave me a sheet of locations that might test for Dyscalculia and I been thinking of doing the whole damn testing again. At first I was really angry and my attitude was like go f*** yourself and just gave up. Now I am considering the option of testing before I finish school and move. Not sure if I want to do it more because I will need it later or because I want to say see I f****** told you so. I don't know if I want to give myself that extra tension and stress especially that I am doing better and not been depressed recently. Its a lot to think about.

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