Friday, October 21, 2016

Writing and Healing

Writing has been my outlet where I have felt free to unleash the burdens of my past and my struggles of my everyday life. It is hard to express what I feel... spoken words seem impossible at times and even overwhelming; some understand others do not.
The burdens lifted from my chest and mind makes me want to fly. I feel free just like I imagine a bird feels at mid-flight. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to soar after typing a few words.
My words, grammar, my thoughts might not be perfect or I might not have a pretty and clean blog, but it is mine. A spot that I can go to and express my opinions, struggles, achievements, and about life in general.

I been writing in diaries and blogging on and off all my life. Due to some traumas, tribulations and trials life became difficult to bear at times and writing seemed to help keep me afloat for many years. When life seemed to get better for me I stop writing, and for years I had lost interest in doing so. April of this year I felt like I had hit rock bottom and once again I have come to rely on my good friend-my blog and that's perfectly fine. At times we need to find a glimmer of hope, find something that we like to enjoy and blogging, taking nature photographs, and loving my pets are those things that help with my healing.

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