Saturday, November 5, 2016

Red Rock Canyon Morning Hike

These photographs are from last weeks hike at Red Rock Canyon. It was a blast we actually finished the hike for once. It was relaxing to get some stress out. What do you think of a dragon fly tattoo? that just impulsively entered my mind... I been always attracted to butterfly's (and them to me) because I think they're reincarnated love ones.... I know what your thinking, but anyways and now I am obsessing over dragonfly's.
For the first time someone stopped me at the end of our hike heading to the car and asked about my tattoo. They wanted to know if that was a watercolor tattoo and where did I get it from and she said it was a very nice tattoo. I have gotten a few looks but this is the first time I get stopped over it. It felt good talking about it actually :)
Enjoy my photographs

Taken with an iphone5 .... anyone one want to buy me a new iphone?


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