Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Therapy Appointment Update

I went to my therapy appointment yesterday night and I am happy to say that it was not as bad as I thought... well not yet :) I am finally making the steps to love myself part of loving myself and getting healthy in all aspects of my life is part of my promise that I made myself at the beginning of the year. Yes that includes therapy... something that I have been fighting since my teens.

My husband did not let me drive to my appointment... I don't think he thinks I will be stable enough to drive safely after a therapy appointment or if I am to anxious before an appointment... he is right even though I was smiling after the appointment I can get pretty emotional. He did sit in the dark parking lot listening to a podcast and eating his payday chocolate bar he got at the gas station lol that's like the only places he can find that old candy bar that no one eats... I got m&m's for after my session. It was a reward treat :)

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