Saturday, May 13, 2017

I Climbed the Mountain!

In April I went to climb a mountain at a park called "Lone Mountain" and let me tell you it's no freaking mountain... not to me it's just a giant steep rock! My husband and I usually walk at the park we always look towards the top of the rock and see people walking up there. When I look up at the mountain I always say "look at those crazy people" "how do they get up there?" "they are going to die" a former co-worker posted a picture on Instagram of her on top of this rock and I mentioned I was surprised she went up there and she answered back lets go! akkk what did I get my self into? I immediately told her I was out of shape, but she insisted and I said okay. I got anxiety the day before going and I did not want to go honestly, but it was okay we had to reschedule and I went the following week.

Actually I blame my therapist, because he pushed me to follow through and go on this hike with my former co-worker because he is encouraging to go and do things with "friends" or form that relationship... basically I need them as a support system (I am still debating that), but anyways we went and I am so glad I did! I can't believe I actually made it all the way to the top too :)

              The memorial of a man who died from a heart attack while climbing the mountain.
                                  I can't believe I did that! and I am afraid of heights you all
                                       Love these wild flowers :) flowers make me happy
Coming down the mountain I slipped and fell, but it was hilarious. My former co-worker was asking about my therapist so I started telling her that he helps me think outside of the box, and I told her how he is encouraging me to built a support system by talking to my friends and such and she said he gives you a push and I'm like yeah and she said you want me to push you? and she said it looking down the mountain and I soon as I said no I started to slip on the small rocks (gravel like) and fell backwards on my butt and to stop my self from continuing to slip I put my hands back and on the ground and that's when it hurt never mind falling on my ass! it hurt because the rocks underneath my hands were sharp and small and they stuck to my hands as I slipped. It happened so fast my former co-worker had previously held my hand at certain points but she couldn't at this moment, but she helped me up and we both started laughing, I thought it was funny because of what we were talking about right at that moment and I seriously think I jinxed myself. I had a great time and I did something I thought was impossible.

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