Thursday, June 15, 2017

Flustered Therapy

Yesterday was therapy day, but I felt like I kinda shut down before I got there because I felt flustered and anxious. Yesterday morning I woke up in pain... my body just has been hurting, I got up later than I do when I go to therapy so I did not do anything to help me relax before my session. I did breakfast then I started running late, while getting ready to leave I banged my knee on the dinning room table really hard, while I was driving I felt sick, I almost drove past the freeway exit going to therapy, and normally I go to the restroom before my session, but I could not or I would have been late; I hate running late. Sorry for the rant but that's how I felt in the morning; by the time I sat in my therapist couch I felt flustered and anxious.

I had two really good weeks despite feeling a little jumpy last week, then yesterday I woke up feeling crappy and had a nutty morning and I been feeling sad??? I can't identify why exactly. It could be because I start new job next week and I have to leave some of my older jobs, it could be because my therapist asked me to identify and write down some of my negative thinking and words and the list I made wow it's not good- looking at it kinda makes me feel hopeless, or the financial situation at home and I am at risk of not getting my puppy. It can be all three I don't know.

My therapist will be out this Sat which is my usual time I go to my appointment. I set up one right away for Monday night and again in the same week for Saturday morning. I have had a good week with my new job, I have lunch with a friend tomorrow, and everything seems to be going okay this week!

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