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Writing is a Form of Therapy in Itself

Writing has been an outlet that I have used since I was very young. I was the kid that had one of those diaries with a lock on it. In high school I wrote in a journal and it benefited me plenty at that time. I had no one to discuss my feeling with, I was angry, depressed and I was going through some things in my life and writing about my feeling saved my life. I also spent lots of hours drawing and that too seemed like an outlet even though I did it during class hours and got me in trouble often. I took a long break from writing and started up again when I started therapy two and half years ago. I have seen two therapist and both therapist encouraged writing as an outlet to express thoughts I can't seem to discuss, or to analyze my thoughts, to process my trauma's and to discover and identify my feelings. I often change my notebooks to keep me motivated to write and buy a nice pen every now and then to change it up. Writing even a sentence or two can work wonders. Sometimes wr…