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Writing is a Form of Therapy in Itself

Writing has been an outlet that I have used since I was very young. I was the kid that had one of those diaries with a lock on it. In high school I wrote in a journal and it benefited me plenty at that time. I had no one to discuss my feeling with, I was angry, depressed and I was going through some things in my life and writing about my feeling saved my life. I also spent lots of hours drawing and that too seemed like an outlet even though I did it during class hours and got me in trouble often. I took a long break from writing and started up again when I started therapy two and half years ago. I have seen two therapist and both therapist encouraged writing as an outlet to express thoughts I can't seem to discuss, or to analyze my thoughts, to process my trauma's and to discover and identify my feelings. I often change my notebooks to keep me motivated to write and buy a nice pen every now and then to change it up. Writing even a sentence or two can work wonders. Sometimes writing can be overwhelming especially in the moment; perhaps sitting down on a schedule time to write can help. Try it out!


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Self-Care for the Beginning Months

My current favorite self- care activities are:

Lighting scented candles - at the moment I love Frosted Amber by Heart & Handwith Magnolia, Balsam Fir (Pine tree scents)Burning SageBrain dumping on a journal (whatever comes to my mind)Playing with my dogListening to music ...(I am really into indie music at this time)Spending time with familyCreatively using my planner as a hobby and organizationPainting my nailsYogaMeditatingI want to get back to walking, gym, and kickboxing but other than time constraints I am guilty of procrastinating.
Some ideas you might like are the following: Make a snowmanMake hot coco ArtLight the fireplace Make cookiesMake a favorite meal that you have not done in a whileGo eat your comfort foodTalk to a friendGo out on a coffee dateTake your dog out for a walkCuddle/play with a petSnuggle with a warm blanketWatch a movie Take a Mental Health Day



If you are here you might be struggling or know someone who is. I too have struggle, I too continue to do so, At times I too wondered why I am here? What ever it is your going through remember it shall pass; it might not seem like it will right now, but it will; it does pass you will be okay :)
This blog used to be a place that I used for my struggles with depression, my social anxiety, my daily stress it was nice until it became highly triggering for myself and I did not want anyone else to stumble upon my public blog and feel the same while reading my entries. Instead I am choosing to draft all my previous posts and start fresh. A new start for me and you. I would like to dedicate this space for self-care of you and my soul; a place where you can come and look for coping skills and ideas that will help you when your struggling or just to hopefully remain more positive.
                                                                Thank you